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Have you experience a yearning to tell others what you’ve discovered after years of research and have no clue how to convey the truths you’ve found?  Well, you have to admit that two or more at most things you do is better than one.  This website is inspired by a husband and wife team where their marriage is not only focusing on the family but primarily focusing on advancing the Kingdom of God. Their passion to share with other Christians has lead them to create WakeUPchurchorg.

The goal of this blog is to reach out to the local community with those who share the same views, and to speak out the true gospel and to expose the enemies that prevents us from advancing the Kingdom of our God.

The field is this world we are in and it is time for Harvesting! Be mindful of the enemies in this present age for they will sabotage and bring down the Kingdom of God.  You and I have been called to be His workmanship and to guard His Kingdom.  Are you In?                                                                                                                                                                                              ~ Nadiya

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Decode the secret of the Kingdom of God and the Anti-Kingdom