The Meaning of Easter

It’s not about the Easter bunny eggs which is a symbol of the empty tomb.easter-egg

It is how Wright explains it in a few words. Jesus resurrection is announcing His Lordship to the entire world and a new creation, making his kingdom come on earth as in heaven!. Amen, brother Wright.

In ‘Surprise by Hope’ NT Wright –

Easter has a very this-worldly, present-age meaning.  Jesus is raised, so he is the Messiah, and therefore he is the world’s true Lord; Jesus is raised, so God’s new creation has begun—and we, his followers, have a job to do!  Jesus is raised so we must act as his heralds, announcing his lordship to the entire world, making his kingdom come on earth as in heaven!  To be sure, as early as Paul the resurrection of Jesus is firmly linked to the final resurrection of all God’s people.

The challenge is in fact the challenge of new creation.  To put it at its most basic:  the resurrection of Jesus offers itself, to the student of history or science no less than the Christian or the theologian: not as an odd event within the world as it is but as the utterly characteristic, prototypical, and foundational event within the world as it has begun to be.  It is not an absurd event within the old world but the symbol and starting point of the new world.  The claim advanced in Christianity is of that magnitude:  Jesus of Nazareth ushers in not simply a new religious possibility, not simply new ethic or a new way of salvation, but a new creation.

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