When a Jew Rules the World

When a Jew Rules the World.  The title is engaging, and the idea sounds natural enough, even to a gentile Christian.  We all know that Jesus is a Jew, and that He does already and will fully rule the world one day.  True enough.  Good enough.


But that is not what Joel Richardson’s book is fundamentally saying.  Not at all.

Rarely have I encountered such effrontery as I have after reading some of the pages of this book.  We know that the Jewish people has historically considered gentiles or non-jews as dogs.  The story of the woman saying to Jesus that “even the dogs get to eat the crumbs off the table”, referring to gentiles getting the crumbs of revelation and truth falling from Jewish hands.

And Peter, the apostle to the Jews, had a vision of unclean animals.  But I as a Christian for 35 years did not take to heart what that meant as a Gentile.  Peter, as a Jew, saw gentiles as unclean animals … as dogs.

So hear comes along Joel Richardson treating us the same way with his arguments. Here he asserts (and I will include my contentions in parentheses);

“When studying the subject of Christian hatred of the Jewish people one will find the common assertion among non-Christian writers that this hatred finds its roots in the New Testament.  Within secular literature, it is all but a foregone conclusion that the New Testament actually promotes Jew-hatred.  There is a glaring problem with this claim, however. (Here Richardson says there is a glaring problem with this claim, yet he does not contend one iota with the idea that Christians hate Jews.  I have been a gentile Christian for 35 years and have never felt a tinge of hatred for Jews, nor have I ever met anyone that has expressed such hatred. Richardson is slandering the people of Christ here, and likely to serve an agenda of his.)

Within the New Testament, what we have is essentially an inerfamily dispute.  No doubt, there are some passages that contain some very strong charges and harsh words.  But in all such cases, these are examples of one Jewish individual, sect, school, or group leveling charges against or rebuking other Jews.  One can just as easily find similar charges leveled by the Hebrew prophets throughout the Old Testament, yet these are never interpreted as promoting hatred of Jews.  Family disputes are just that, family disputes.  (Here Richardson points out an interesting perspective, that in the Bible harsh words spoken about Jews are interfamily disputes.  But it is interesting how he frames things.  To Richardson the family is Jews, and no matter what Jews are a racial family that gentiles are not a part of.  Jesus on the other hand considers followers of Him his family.  His view of family is not based on race or dna but on faith, faith in Him as Messiah.  Richardson is making an argument here that the Church for 2000 years would find to run headlong against the grain of Christ and His teaching.)

But it is another thing entirely when Gentile Christians later began using these passages or very similar language for their own pro-Gentile Christian, anti-Jewish agendas.  The writings of the early Christians employ not only the New Testament but also the Old for the purpose of anti-Jewish polemics and accusations.  In either case, this must be acknowledged to be a fundamental abuse of the Scriptures by Gentiles to promote an anti-Jewish agenda.  The problem is not with the New Testament or the Old, but with the misuse and abuse of it by those who fell into arrogance of the worst order …” (So the problem, Richardson contends, is not with the scriptures that are written by Jews, but with the Gentiles who repeat the same prophetic pronouncements as Jews themselves make against Jews.  The Gentiles then are the problem.  Here is the same Jewish tendency to accept when Jews themselves mention Jewish power, say for instance that the Jews own the media or Hollywood … which Jews in fact have and do say.  But if Gentiles say the same things as the Jew says, then Gentiles are accused of conspiracy theory, anti-semitism and spreading old anti-Jewish canards.  Richardson here is belying his fundamental anti-Gentile racism.)

Joel Richardson is a new kind of Christian indeed, one increasingly prominent in prophesy circles and book publishing that sees The Jewish State of Israel, and not the Church comprised of Jews and Gentiles alike, as central to Gods’ plan in history.

Paul wrote Galatians to address this kind of Judaizing, and we must beware of the influence of false teachers like him.




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