Anglo-Zionist Empire to Impeach Trump?

DARKMOON: So what’s been happening lately that’s got you all excited?

THE SAKER: Something big: the Three Letter Agencies pulled off a de facto coup against Donald Trump by forcing him to fire his most important foreign policy advisor — the man who had dared to declare that he wanted to reform the bloated and largely ineffective US intelligence community.


DARKMOON: You’re referring of course to General Flynn’s sudden “resignation” or sacking. Are you concerned about this little setback?

THE SAKER: There is no way of putting a brave face on what happened. Not only because it showed that Trump is not loyal to those who are loyal to him, but because this episode pretty much killed what I would call the “Trump dream”.

DARKMOON: I guess, by the “Trump dream”, you mean all the controversial projects and promises Trump set out in his original electoral package, i.e., the big changes his baseline supporters were hoping Trump would introduce “to make America great again”? Like what exactly?

THE SAKER: Draining the swamp. Kicking the Neocons down to the basement they crawled out of 24 years ago. Reforming the US intelligence community. Possibly even dissolving the CIA. Or, at the very least, subordinating it to the President.

DARKMOON: What else?

THE SAKER:  Making peace with Russia. Negotiating a “grand bargain” which would clearly spell out how the USA and Russia would act towards each other and jointly against common threats. At the very least, this would imply an agreement on the Ukraine and Syria. read rest of interview


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