What Hath Zionism Wrought?

The quote above comes from Martin Levi van Creveld, an Israeli military historian and theorist and author of The Transformation of War.

One hundred years ago in 1917 the Jewish people received a promise from Britain that they would have Palestine as a Homeland.  Thirty years later in 1948 they had a state, the Jewish State called Israel.

Known as a small country amidst a sea of enemy Muslims in the Middle East, in fact this Jewish State has become the 4th most powerful military on earth.  There are estimates of between 200 to 400 nuclear weapons at their disposal.

So what is the true story behind the meteoric rise to power of this smallest of peoples in the world?

In her article Judaism, Zionism and Political Messianism the author known as Sabba outlines the back story to the official story of Zionism;

“Purposefully and for deliberate strategic reasons, any discussion of the topic of Zionism must automatically descend into a whirlwind of confusion and consternation. ‘Liberal’ Zionism…’Conservative’ Zionism… ‘Religious’ Zionism… ‘Extremist’ Zionism… ‘Historical’ Zionism etc. etc. etc. All of this is done deliberately for one purpose and one purpose only: to drove away prying eyes and prying minds from better understanding a political vortex that today threatens to consume all life in earth…

A closer look into Jewish history reveals that the ‘Zionist’ project long pre-dated Herzl. Many Jewish thinkers, writers, rabbis who were famous in their own lifetimes and respected members of the Jewish intelligentsia, had already turned a Jewish prayer (Next Year In Jerusalem) into a political theory and a political programme, advocating the return of the Jews to Palestine (Moses Hess, Rabbi Hirsch Kalischer, Perez Smolensking, Leo Pinsker and Asher Ginsberg (aka Ahad Ha-Am) …

In summary, Zionism was not born ‘out of necessity’ in a vacuum, nor did it originate with Theodore Herzl. It’s roots were not ‘secular’ and it was not a response to the ‘unbearable European anti-semitism’ as symbolized by the Dreyfus Affair. So then, why did Zionism as we know it emerge at the time it did and to what was it a response, if indeed it was not not the ‘pathological anti-semitism’ of Europe?

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