Blue is the New Red

Red has been the color of Communism for decades. Reds is a film about the Communist Revolution in Russia starring Warren Beatty.  Children of communist sympathizers since the 1960s have been called “red diaper babies”.  Senator Joseph McCarthy is villainized for creating “the Red Scare”, a hysteria about communists in Hollywood and the U.S. State Department.

And up til 1990 or so political maps in the U.S. colored Democratic states, where communism had made great headway, as red.  But coloring these states red changed to blue in the early 1990s.  Why?

The Blue Communism is a book written by a man who lived under communism in Romania from birth until the age of 23. He lived in America since 1973 and continued observing the progress of communism in both his old country and in America.
An interesting pattern was observed. In the nineties, a repetition of communism’s style of evolution, which the author had lived through as a teenager in communist Romania, started manifesting itself in American politics. The only difference was that the new style of communism taking over the USA was far more refined and subliminal, because it had to grow gradually and undetected.

While practically all the escapees of red communism were able to observe and suspect the new communism taking over, the native Americans (Americans born in the USA) did not suspect such a thing, nor is there currently a suspicion of this most dreadful of situations—with the exception of an extremely small percentage.
No book has ever been written explaining America’s takeover by communists. No book has ever informed Americans of this danger, and as unbelievable as it sounds, hardly any American suspects this takeover. Only by reading this book can the real situation be understood.

buy The Blue Communism here


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