A Jewish Perspective on Zionism & Marxism

Benjamin Freedman (pictured above holding plaque, third from left) was a Jewish owner of a New York City soap factory in the 1950s.  He spent 2.5 million fighting Communism and Zionism in what was a losing cause.  Freedman was an insider at the highest levels of Jewish power in America, but after converting to Catholicism felt he needed to expose the machinations he saw undermining the American people and their lifestyle.

For one, Freedman says he was an assistant to Henry Morgenthau Sr., and that he was among many Marxists drumming the Federal Reserve and Progressive Income Tax into Woodrow Wilson’s head.  These are two of the 10 planks of the Communist Manifesto.

The audio below is of his speech in 1961 where he outlines “this is what happened while we were sleeping”.

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