Moscow on the Hudson

The comedic talent of Robin Williams makes the 1984 film Moscow on the Hudson a humorous telling of the theme of a Soviet Russian coming to America.  But the story on a much bigger scale, the real history, of how the Soviet Union came to America in the form of Communism is not as humorous.

There are several arms of the New World Order, one of which is Communism (or Marxism).

The chart below demonstrates that the Communist Manifesto (or Marxism) has been implemented in America.  Therefore America has been maneuvered to be an arm of the New World Order, perhaps the primary one.

There are 10 planks or points of Marxism.

Number 2, the Progressive Income Tax, was implemented in 1913.  Number 5, a Central Bank, was implemented with the Federal Reserve Act in 1916.

Number 6 refers to government control of Communications, or Media.  Progressively over the last 100 years the media has been bought up and put in fewer and fewer hands, so that now there are basically 8 organizations that control over 93% of the media.  This media works as an agent of government propaganda.

Number 10 refers to the public school system.  Though there was not a federal department of education until 1979, this plank was implemented largely by the 1950s or earlier.

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